Welcome to the Vaccination Learning Series

Here you’ll find educational programs and scenario-based videos that provide practical and effective strategies that can help improve vaccine confidence, enhance vaccine discussions with patients using presumptive recommendations and promote greater vaccine uptake.

Series One: Vaccine Confidence

Increasing vaccine confidence is crucial to improving vaccine uptake. This series will provide you with some practical and effective strategies to enhance vaccine discussions with your patients.

Shots of Success: Guiding your Patients Towards COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Clearing the Path: A Roadmap to COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance through the Simple Presumptive Offering

Applying the Presumptive Offering: Example Scenario Cases

In this video series, healthcare professionals will be able to review common COVID immunization scenarios seen regularly in practice and develop strategies to best address the needs of their patients.

Series Two: Elevating Vaccine Delivery in Clinical Practice

This series is designed to empower clinicians with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in providing vaccination to eligible patients. This five-module series is curated to address key aspects of vaccination implementation across diverse healthcare settings, ensuring that clinicians are at the forefront of immunization practices.Altogether, the series helps ensure that clinicians not only understand the importance of vaccination but also possess the skills to implement and champion effective immunization practices.

How to Make Vaccinations an Integral Part of Your Practice

Delivering vaccines through a vaccination center of excellence

Improving Vaccination Experiences in Pharmacy Practice

Improving Vaccine Uptake in Your Clinical Practice

Real-World Lessons: Vaccination Solutions for Hard-to-Reach Populations


Individuals who complete the training modules will receive Northeastern University Learning Credentials or badges. A digital badge serves as a credential that includes metadata around what was learned and successful completion of the content provided.


About Us

The Vaccine Confidence Learning Series is in partnership with MDBriefCase. MDBriefCase provides accredited, online continuing professional development (CPD) to help healthcare practitioners enhance their professional practice and stay at the forefront of the latest evidence and protocols. Through innovative partnerships, we offer high-quality content, free of charge, to more than 280,000 members globally.